Friday, 30 July 2010

Flutterby's Butterflies

I came downstairs this morning to a lovely sight - a brilliant white butterfly fluttering amongst the bright orange flowers and green leaves of the nasturtiums in my kitchen window box. It fluttered away too quickly for me to take a photo but it prompted me to gather up all my butterfly designs into one place.

They are all painted in watercolours on very wet paper to give them that delicate 'transitory' look of the 'fluttering' butterfly -

Orange Butterfly

Fridge Magnet
Also available as a keychain

Trucker Cap
Two Silver-plated Butterfly Necklaces

Two Blue Butterflies
This is a birthday card but is also available as a 'Thank You' card and a 'Blank for your own message' card:

Two Blue Butterflies Mug

Two Blue Butterflies Women's Keds Shoes

Two Orange Butterflies

Birthday, 'Thank You' and Blank Greeting Cards

Two Orange Butterflies Tote Bag

Two Orange Butterflies Apron

A 'flutter' of Blue Butterflies

Age-specific Birthday Cards

Blue Butterfly Girls' T-shirts

Blue Butterflies Wedding Invitations

Blue Butterflies Frosted Glass Mug

Blue Butterfly Stickers

Blue Butterflies Infant All-in-one 'Creeper'

A 'flutter' of Orange Butterflies

Orange Butterflies Ringer Mug

Orange Butterflies Apron

Orange Butterflies Girls' T-shirts

Orange Butterflies Organic Cotton Tote Bag

Orange Butterflies Mousepad

Don't forget that, if you like the image but the product it's on isn't what you're looking for, it is usually possible to use the same image on a variety of products.

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Sympathy Cards

Here are a few of my sympathy or condolences cards at Greeting Card Universe -

Click on the cards to see them in more detail  -



More coming soon....

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Monday, 26 July 2010

Invitations and Stickers

I thought it would be a good thing if some stickers were available to match the invitation cards I've made. So that's what I've been working on - sealing the envelope with one of these stickers is the perfect finishing touch!



I'm afraid the only way to see the front of the baby shower invitation below is to click on the image but the sticker is a clue!

Primroses Stickers sticker
Primroses Stickers by helikettle
Get some stickers from Zazzle

Iceland Poppies Stickers sticker
Iceland Poppies Stickers by helikettle
Shop all other stickers available at zazzle

Cupcake Stickers sticker
Cupcake Stickers by helikettle
View more stickers on

Clown Stickers sticker
Clown Stickers by helikettle
Shop for stickers on zazzle

Of course, any image that fits on a sticker will also fit on a button or round magnet, so please feel free to use the images to create your own product. 

More stickers, buttons and magnets here!

More wedding invitations are available in my Zazzle Store!