Saturday, 17 July 2010

Horses and Ponies

With the Annual Shire Horse Rally about to take place in a nearby park, here are some 

Greeting Cards and Gifts for Horse-lovers available from my Zazzle Store!

These Shire Horse designs are taken from my original soft pastel paintings.


 Also available as an apron, a mug and a greeting card.

Also available as a mug and could be made into a poster or print.

Also available as a poster or print 

This foal, painted in watercolours, is also available as a T-shirt, Apron, Tote Bag, Mug and an assortment of Greeting Cards

These collage ponies 'Galloping Home for Tea!' are available as a Mousepad, T-shirt and Tote Bag

I was lucky to catch this photo of a mare and her foal!

You can see all my horse and pony products and greeting cards in my Zazzle Store.
You can also use the images to create products of your own!

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