Thursday, 22 July 2010

Those cats get everywhere!

The designs on the Zazzle products I create, almost always begin as a design for a greeting card. This Ginger Tom, though, started as a pastel painting -

- but he soon found his way onto a greeting card and then a mug:
 This cheeky pair, on the other hand, began as designs with greeting cards in mind -



But you know how it is with cats - they have a mind of their own! And they soon started turning up on mugs -

- on mousepads (of course!)

'Ginger Cat' Mousepad mousepad
'Ginger Cat' Mousepad by helikettle
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- on tote bags:

- on keychains and magnets:

And of course, they just had to show up on T-shirts!

Those cats just get everywhere! 

And there will be more adorable cats coming soon on greeting cards and products in my Greeting Card Universe and Zazzle stores!

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