Monday, 25 April 2011

The Trouble with Boys...

... is that it can be extremely difficult to find suitable greeting cards for them!

Give the average girl a card with a pretty – preferably pink! –design and she will drool over it. But not so boys!

It’s easier to find cards for boys when they’re little, of course. A blue version of a pink, girl’s design will usually be simply fine. And for a while, say up to about 8 or 9, anything with monsters, pirates, dragons or dinosaurs will likely be acceptable.




(This is just a small selection. Many more similar cards - with different ages and different greetings - are available in my Greeting Card Universe store. )

But even with this younger age group, the birthday gift will probably be of far greater interest than the card – I know, I’ve seen it in my grandsons and in the boys I used to tutor in literacy. Unless the card has some particular attraction, such as a sport the boy is enthusiastic about, the card gets brushed aside quickly and sometimes even left behind, barely glanced at!

Here are a few sports I've made designs for so far, but new ideas for sports and activities are always welcome in the comments box:

My eldest grandson is now a teenager and designing birthday cards for him and his slightly younger brother has been quite a challenge in recent years. One year I got away with name cards, made from handpainted paper collage.


(I have made other names and you can find them in my Greeting Card Universe store)

This year I asked my daughter, their mother, what they were interested in. ‘X-box’ was the reply! So, as I live some distance away and am not familiar with X-box, I had to do some research and this is what I came up with.

It was well received so I based his brother’s birthday card on the comical cats too –


What teenage boys seem to really, really hate is anything that smacks of sentimentality! It doesn’t go with their attempts to give off a ‘cool’ image. They like to be seen as laid back – sometimes, in the extreme! So that, together with a lad I spotted on the opposite side of the road while waiting to cross, was the inspiration for these –



I already concentrate on greeting cards for men – these are some of my bestsellers –



And, much as I enjoy designing pretty cards for girls, I shall be adding to my collection of cards for boys whenever I can!

Monday, 4 April 2011

Here Be Dragons - mostly friendly ones!

Living in Wales, where we have a red dragon on our national flag, has encouraged me to draw dragons for St David's Day greeting cards. But here are some of my other dragons, green ones and multicoloured ones:

 Age-specific birthday cards, from 5 - 9 years
Other ages can be made on request

Party Invitations

'Get Well Soon' cards for specific people 
Others can be ordered through my Zazzle store

Green Dragon Age-specific Birthday Cards

And matching Party Invitations

A 'Here Be Dragons!' Tote Bag - excellent value!

Dragon Coffee Mugs

Dragon Ringer Mug mug
Dragon Ringer Mug by helikettle

This one can be personalised!

Green Dragon Child's Mug mug
Green Dragon Child's Mug by helikettle

Dragon Kids' Apron

A Dragon iPhone Case

...and an iPad case with a brilliant Red Dragon!

Dragon T-shirts for all ages!

'Wales Forever!' Raglan Jersey shirt
'Wales Forever!' Raglan Jersey by helikettle

Don't forget that you can use my designs to create products of your own in my Zazzle store!