Monday, 6 February 2012

Snowdrops - a Sign of Spring!

Sadly, snowdrops don't grow very well in the heavy clay soil of my garden. It's a shame because they are a flower that I love to see appearing, telling me that spring is on its way. 

The snowdrop is the Birth Flower of the month of January but I associate them with February - although the seasons have become so mixed up in recent years that anything seems to be able to bloom at almost any time of the year!

January Birthday Cards

February Birthday Cards

And here are a couple of Birthday Cards for any month -

Various other Greeting Cards with the Snowdrop Design

Of course, you can customize the inside message on all of these greeting cards. But the cards below can be customized on the front cover as well -

Most of the cards above could be used for any occasion; the words on them are only a suggestion. So, if you're looking for seasonal flowers, go ahead and have fun customizing your greeting card. It's easy!

All available in my Zazzle store!