Monday, 21 October 2013

12 Chic Cases for your iPhone 5C

If you're looking for a great gift with style as well as practicality, one of these cases for the iPhone 5C could be just what you're looking for -

Tangerine Tango Houndstooth iPhone C case

Pink, Purple and Turquoise Chevrons iPhone C case

White on Lemon Yellow Polka Dots iPhone C case

Flame, Deep Green and French Navy Mosaic iPhone C case

Emerald Green and Blue Decorative Chevrons iPhone C case

Black and White Chevrons iPhone C case

Chartreuse and Blue Polka Dots on Emerald Green  iPhone C case

White on French Navy Polka Dots iPhone C case

Candy Pink and White Decorative Chevrons iPhone C case

White on Teal Polka Dots iPhone C case

Lemon Yellow and White Check Gingham iPhone C case

 Light Blue and White Chevrons iPhone C case
iPhone 5 Case-Mate Case, Blue and White Chevrons
iPhone 5 Case-Mate Case, Blue and White Chevrons 

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Monday, 14 October 2013

12 Christmas Cards: Hand-painted Paper Collage Designs.

I first discovered the joys of hand-painted paper collage when I was looking into ways to illustrate a little poem I had written to accompany my reading program.

You can read the full story here: Hand-painted Paper Collage

My very first attempt at a collage was a 'Snowman' Christmas card and it was immediately popular when I uploaded it to Greeting Card Universe! I made another one (the reindeer) in time for the following Christmas and it sold out quickly in various local shops.

So each year since, I have added new collage Christmas Cards to my online stores. Most of them are available with various greetings, such as Season's Greetings, or a non-English language greeting.

To see them all, visit my Greeting Card Universe store and use the search box, just below the butterfly, typing in: Christmas Collage.

Some of these designs have lent themselves to Christmas goodies as well as greeting cards - tote bags, coffee mugs, decorations and matching Christmas postage. 

And you can find them 
in my Zazzle store.


Friday, 11 October 2013

Gardens of Plenty . . .

. . . was the theme for the 
Abergavenny Food Festival, 2013. 
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Tuesday, 8 October 2013

10 Stylish Scarves for those Cooler Days

I have to admit I can't resist a nice scarf and I'm delighted to see them flourishing as a trending fashion accessory!

Here are just a few of the scarves I've created so far in my Zazzle stores - many more will surely follow!

Zazzle's description: American Apparel’s all-purpose and super-soft everyday scarf. Made with pre-shrunk 100% jersey cotton and raw edges (unfinished), this scarf is a comfortable accessory that’s great for layering.

Navy Blue Cotton Scarf: Pink Blue Floral Heart

Red Cotton Jersey Scarf: Whimsical Snake Motif

Navy Blue Cotton Scarf: Lilies of the Valley

Navy Cotton Scarf: Deep Purple and Blue

Navy Blue Cotton Scarf: Orange and Red Nasturtiums 

Black Cotton Jersey Scarf: Blue Moons Pattern

Red Cotton Jersey Scarf: Autumn Leaves

Navy Cotton Jersey Scarf: Candy Pink Geometric

Navy Blue Cotton Scarf: Orange and Yellow Iceland Poppies

Red Cotton Jersey Scarf: Orange Ditzy Flowers on Sky Blue

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Thursday, 3 October 2013

Monday, 30 September 2013

The Candy Floss Collection, Pink and Pretty . . .

. . . in my new

Here's a small selection from the three main departments - 

Cases and Sleeves
Home and Fashion
 Stationery and Paper Goods

Kindle Folio Case - Candy Floss Collection

Throw Pillow or Cushion - Candy Floss Collection

Flip-flops to Personalise - Candy Floss Collection

iPhone 5 Case-Mate Case - Candy Floss Collection

Travel Accessories Bag - Candy Floss Collection

Bone China Coffee Mug - Candy Floss Collection

 Mini Messenger Bag - Candy Floss Collection

Luggage Tag - Candy Floss Collection

 Spiral Notebook or Journal - Candy Floss Collection

iPhone 5 Savvy Case - Candy Floss Collection

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