Sunday, 20 January 2013

15 Floral Neckties

I had always thought of floral patterned ties as mainly suitable for weddings but recently I've noticed how many of our local and national TV newsreaders and presenters are wearing flowery ties.

So here's a selection of neckties with floral patterns - you need to click on the images for a close-up view:

'Golden Sunflowers' Necktie

Plum Mini-print Necktie

Nostalgic 'Scents of Summer' Necktie

'Hint of Hippy' Necktie

'Rosebuds' Necktie

'Poppy Fields' Necktie

'Spring Blossoms' Necktie
'Flower Power' (pink) Necktie

'Spring Primroses' Necktie

'Vintage Pink Roses' Necktie
'Summer Garden' Necktie

'Pink Flowers' (Applique-effect) Necktie

'Flower Power' (red) Necktie

'Primulas' Necktie

Floral Tie
Floral Tie by helikettle
  from Zazzle.

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