Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Rosy Posy Home Decor Gifts

Create a nostalgic, shabby chic look with this pretty and feminine collection of coordinating home decor products with Dog Rose patterns in pastel shades. 

Here's just a small selection of delightful products from the Posh & Painterly 'Rosy Posy' collection by Judy Adamson. Click on the image to see the full Collection - 

Visit my 
 and select Floral Mini-prints to see the full collection of 
'Rosy Posy' 
Greeting Cards and Gifts
(many are ready for you to customize)

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Lynn-Marie Gildersleeve said...

Such a breath of Spring this pastel floral design is. Lovely!

Lora Severson said...

Such a beautiful soft feminine floral design! I absolutely love it!

Fliss said...

Love this collection, so delicate and pretty

Judy Adamson said...

Thank you all very much for comments - glad you like this collection. It all started with me having to cut back the dog rose that was waving in the windscreens of passing lorries but not wanting to throw away the flowers that were blooming . . .