Sunday, 12 May 2013

Top Ten Greeting Cards and Gifts with Watercolour Sweet Peas

Sweet Peas are one of my favourites! They come in such beautiful colours and their fragrance is out of this world . . . 

So I was quite shocked when I realised that I had been so busy before Christmas that I had totally forgotten to sow any Sweet Pea seeds. There's still time to sow some but they won't flower as early as they usually do - so in the meantime, here are some lovely dark blue and purple 'Old Fashioned' Sweet peas from my garden that I painted a while back in watercolours. They don't grow as long-stemmed as some other colours but their scent is the best of all!

Who wouldn't be thrilled to receive a greeting card
 to match the gift you've chosen for a loved one? 

My Sweet Pea collection offers just that!

Custom-front 'Sweet Peas' Mother's Day Greeting Card

 'Sweet Peas' Tote Bag

Custom-front 'Sweet Peas' April Birthday Card

  'Sweet Peas' Apron to customise

These 'Sweet Peas' Birthday Cards
 are available with the
greeting in many Non-English languages

  'Sweet Peas' T-shirt, available in a wide selection of styles and colours!

'Sweet Peas' Birthday Card

'Sweet Peas' Ringer Mug with deep green rim and handle

For customers in the US, 
there are even matching 'Sweet Peas'
 postage stamps available!

 'Sweet Peas' Gift Box with a ceramic tile set into the lid - 
various sizes and finishes available

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Sweet Pea
Greeting Cards and Gifts


Boriana said...

Lovely designs, Judy!

Judy Adamson said...

Thank you - they are quite popular too :)