Monday, 31 January 2011

Love-themed stickers and buttons for Valentine's Day

You can add that little extra on Valentine's Day with these love-themed Stickers and buttons!

Don't forget that you can use the sticker images to create your own buttons and vice versa.

'Dreaming Spires' Rose Stickers sticker
'Dreaming Spires' Rose Stickers by helikettle
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Wallflower 'Constant Cheer' Stickers sticker
Wallflower 'Constant Cheer' Stickers by helikettle
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'Be My Valentine?' Button button
'Be My Valentine?' Button by helikettle
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'Hearts' Large Button button
'Hearts' Large Button by helikettle
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And here are a couple of matching coffee mugs:

Pink Rose Mug mug
Pink Rose Mug by helikettle
Create custom imprinted coffee mugs at Zazzle

All available from my Zazzle store!

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