Monday, 2 September 2013

Cuddle 'n Cwtch - 15 Gorgeous Gifts

It's said in Wales that -

'Anyone can cuddle,
But only the Welsh
Can cwtch'

 Maybe the reason for this is that there's no really accurate English translation of this favourite Welsh word, 'cwtch'. (Click here for an attempt to define it's many meanings.)

And here's just a sample of the many 'Cwtch' gifts for sale in my Zazzle store so far:

A 'Cuddle and Cwtch' Throw Pillow or Cushion

Floral Mini-print on a Black Background

A 'Cwtch' Coffee Mug

Ditzy Floral Pattern on Violet Background 

 A sheet of 'Cwtch' Oval Stickers

Red Clematis Pattern on White on a Dark Green Background

A Large Dark Blue 'Cwtch' Tote Bag

Blue/Red Geometric Pattern

"I fancy a Cwtch" Ladies' T-shirt

Red and Green Ogee Pattern

 Set of 6 Cork-backed 'Cuddle and Cwtch' Coasters

Periwinkles Pattern on Navy

 Bright Green Round Sandstone 'Cwtch' Coaster

White Polka Dots on Red

'Cwtch' iPhone 5 Savvy Case 

Violet Ditzy Floral Pattern on Linen Effect Background

"I fancy a Cwtch" Sturdy Apron

'Cwtch' Lumbar Pillow

Dark Blue and Red Paisley Pattern on Linen Effect

'Cwtch' Coffee Mug

Red and White Check Gingham - Green Rim and Handle

'Cwtch' T-shirt

Choose your style and colour!

Two-way 'Cwtch' Coasters (set of 6)

Clematis Pattern on White, sprinkled with Pink Hearts

'Cwtch /Cuddle' Throw Pillow or Cushion

Pretty Polka Dot Pattern on Bright Blue

Set of 6 'Cwtch' Coasters

Floral Pattern and Pink Heart on Bright Blue
Set of 6 Cork Coasters with Welsh Cwtch and Heart
Set of 6 Cork Coasters with Welsh Cwtch and Heart  

More Cwtch gifts will be arriving in store over the coming weeks!

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