Friday, 8 August 2014

Poppies for an August Birthday!

The Birth Month Flower for August is the Poppy.

There are many different kinds of Poppies - and I loved them all enough to paint them well before I knew about the Birth Month Flowers!

This one is from a couple of years ago:

(in watercolour)

August Birthday Card for a Friend, Iceland Poppies

(Poppy Cards for many family relations also available HERE)

And this is my latest 'Poppies' Birthday Card
for an August Birthday 
(from a hand-painted paper collage)

Custom Front August Birthday Card, Poppies

Here are some other Poppy Birthday Cards you may like -

Poppies and Cornflowers in Oil Pastel

Californian Poppies - Photograph

Summer Garden in Oil Pastel

Icelandic Poppies in Watercolour

Oriental Poppies in Oil Pastel

Icelandic Poppies in Watercolour

Summer Garden with Poppies - Photograph

There are some with 
Non-English Greetings too -

And if you're looking for something different for an August Birthday Gift,

for a large (and growing!) selection of
Poppy Gifts

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