Thursday, 7 October 2010

Thank You Cards

A well-chosen greeting card is a lovely way to say 'Thank You!' whether by itself or accompanying a 'Thank You!' gift. Many of the floral greeting cards in my Greeting Card Universe Store have 'Thank You!' written inside and you can always add it to any that don't. 

But here are some of the greeting cards that I've made as 'Thank You!' cards especially for the purpose:

First, some watercolour flowers:


- and some 'thank you' messages for specific occasions, in pen and wash:


This hand-painted, paper collage design has 'Thank You!' inside:

More watercolour flowers - and the Icelandic Poppies leave plenty of room for all sorts of different messages!


The floral designs on these two 'Thank You' cards are in oil pastels:


Something a bit different for when flowers aren't appropriate:


More flowers - but photographs and screenprints this time:



The red wallflower design above has plenty of room for different messages, as have these nasturtiums!



Another floral card for a lovely way to thank someone for looking after your garden, a photographic one this time:

And last but not least....cupcakes!


All of these, and more than 1,000 other greeting cards are available from my Greeting Card Universe store.

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