Monday, 11 October 2010

Plenty of Poppies

- a reminder of Summer!

A pretty Coffee Mug with yellow and orange Icelandic Poppies
from a watercolour painting:

A bright 'Get Well' card with brilliant scarlet poppies
from an oil pastel painting:

'Poppies' Get Well Card card
'Poppies' Get Well Card by helikettle
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'Head Gardener' coffee mug with golden Iceland Poppies
from a photograph:
Iceland Poppies Ringer Mug mug
Iceland Poppies Ringer Mug by helikettle
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'Natural-colour Tote Bag with orange and red Iceland Poppies
from a watercolour painting: 


Bold red Poppies on this Coffee Mug
from an oil pastel painting:

Ladies Keds shoes with golden Iceland Poppies
from a photograph:

Watercolour Iceland Poppies on this mug
and the saying,
'One is nearer God's heart in a Garden
Than anywhere else on earth'

A Birthday Card with huge Scarlet Poppies
from an oil pastel painting:

A square white fridge magnet with watercolour Icelandic Poppies
and the saying,
'A friend is one who overlooks your broken fence
and admires the flowers in your garden.'

A Garden Border with Scarlet Poppies on this Mousepad,
from a photograph:

The black trim on this Coffee Mug contrasts with the golden Icelandic Poppies,
from a photograph:

Brilliant red Poppies on these ladies' mini slip-on Keds shoes,
from an oil pastel painting:

A golden yellow apron for a gardener with orange and red Icelandic Poppies,
from a watercolour painting.

Watercolour Iceland Poppies illustrate this bookmark:

A panel of scarlet Poppies from an oil pastel painting on this strong Tote Bag:
Poppies Grocery Tote Bag bag
Poppies Grocery Tote Bag by helikettle
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Icelandic Poppies make a splash of colour on this plain white Coffee Mug,
from a watercolour painting:

A summer border with red Poppies gives this Coffee Mug a summery feel, 
from a photograph:
Garden Mug mug
Garden Mug by helikettle
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