Friday, 6 August 2010

Children's Age-specific Birthday Cards

These Rainbow Fairies took me much longer to paint than usual and I wasn't particularly happy with the final result. But one of the little girls I was teaching at the time, thought they were great so I added them to my Greeting Card Universe store, where they have been very popular!



These watercolour birthday cards are for the younger (3- 7 yrs old) age group -


And these sporty ones are aimed at slightly older (7 - 11 yrs old) children -


Beyond the age of about 10, it can be difficult to find a suitable birthday card, particularly for a boy! These pen and wash age-specific cards are designed to fill that gap -


If all else fails when searching for a birthday card for an older boy or young teen, a name-specific, rather than an age-specific, card, made from a collage design, may be the solution -


I have just shown one 'age' for each card design, but many more are available (apart from the Rainbow Fairies) in my Greeting Card Universe store and different ages can often be added to the designs on request.


Ulla Hennig said...

I love the one with the elephant!

missprinteditions said...

Warmth and grace in your painting as well as your writing, as usual. I do believe that you will not only illustrate children's books, but write them!

Jean said...

I ordered the 6 year birthday card for my granddaughter and adored the Fairies and Elves! It deserves to be framed and hung in her bedroom.
Very nice work, Judy!