Monday, 15 August 2011

Be A-mazed!

Just like the 'Bubbles' and the 'Blades' ranges, the 'Maze' design was originally silkscreen printed by hand and it, too, was based on a design exercise at the Norwich Adult Education Centre.

Here it is available in two shades of blue: light true blue and light turqoise:



The Light Turqoise Version

See the design you want but it's on the wrong style product or even on the wrong product completely? You can use these designs to cutomise the products you want in my Zazzle store! You'll find them in the 'Abstract' department.


art2cee2 said...

These are quite beautiful. I love these kinds of mazes and they remind me of the celtic designs that I wear in my jewelry. :-)

Judy Adamson said...

Thank you, Crystal.

I love Celtic designs too, especially on jewelry. I have a lovely book of Celtic border patterns to copy but they're extremely complicated and I always lose my way! (I suppose tracing would solve that?)