Monday, 8 August 2011

Bubbles and Blades - Abstract Screenprinted Designs

The designs on all of these products are from screenprints that I made a while back, as a result of exercises from an Art and Design class that I attended at the Norwich Adult Education Centre.

'Bubbles' was originally designed to be printed on gauzy fabric in ethereal shades of blue and green but here is the brighter, stronger version of it that I printed on paper:


If 'Bubbles' has a soft, ethereal feel about it, 'Blades' is the complete opposite - all sharp points and edges, just like 'blades'!

And you can use both of these designs from my Zazzle store on different products, if the ones I've created are not what you're looking for!


barbara schreiber said...

Hi Judy,
Lucky you, doing a screenprinting course! I have always wished I could attend one as I love screenprinting designs! Your "Blades" look great on the shoes!

Judy Adamson said...

Hi Barbara - I actually learnt to screenprint with a children's kit that I bought to keep the family amused one winter halfterm. Then went on two pretty useless courses before finding a very good one in Norwich. I'd love to do some more- and I have all the kit! - but it's very messy and I'm not up to date about Health and Safety re the chemicals involved.

Glad you like the shoes :)