Monday, 1 July 2013

Dreaming Spires Roses - 17 Greeting Cards and Gifts

As I write, the beautiful Dreaming Spires climbing roses in my garden are coming to an end.

Dreaming Spires Rosebud

I've been quite thorough in my deadheading of them to encourage them to flower again in the autumn. But I accidentally removed this very much 'alive' head. And, on my kitchen table, it has provided me with a cheerful reminder of summer on days when the weather has been anything but summery!

In other years, when I've had more time, I've painted this rose in watercolour. And here are some 'Dreaming Spires' greeting cards and gifts that will bloom the whole year round. 

As you can see, their shade of yellow varies greatly throughout their transition from bud to full-blown bloom, from creamy white, through buttery yellow to an almost 'brassy' gold!

Pretty Full-blown 'Dreaming Spires' Rose Coffee Mug

Surprise your friends or family with a Custom-front 'Dreaming Spires' June Birthday Card

Large 'Dreaming Spires' Messenger Bag - very capacious and as useful as it is stylish!  

Messenger Bag, Yellow Climbing Roses

Stylish iPhone 5 Case-Mate Case with a photo of a Dreaming Spires rose
A perfect wedding invitation for a June wedding - part of a range of 'Dreaming Spires' wedding stationery

Beautiful 'Dreaming Spires' rose button - a solution for a wedding guest who has an allergy to scented flowers in their button-hole!

A very pretty little 'Dreaming Spires' box for jewellery, trinkets or keepsakes! The image is on an inserted ceramic tile.

You can personalise the front of this 'Dreaming Spires' Get Well card and that personal touch will mean such a lot to the recipient!
This 5" 'Dreaming Spires' Pitcher or Jug will keep that summery feel all the year round! See below for matching teapot -

Part of the 'Dreaming Spires' Wedding Stationery range - a pretty invitation to be a Bridesmaid!

Your wedding guests will appreciate this advance warning to 'Save the Date' on a 'Dreaming Spires' Fridge Magnet!

Complete your wedding stationery with a 'Dreaming Spires' postage stamp to personalise!

Customizable Wedding Postage, Yellow Roses
Customizable Wedding Postage, Yellow Roses by helikettle

Wear this 'Dreaming Spires' t-shirt and take the summer with you, wherever you go!

A beautiful wooden box with a ceramic lid featuring a single 'Dreaming Spires' rose. Perfect for your jewelry, keepsakes or trinkets!

You can add a special touch to Mother's Day with this 'Dreaming Spires' Mother's Day Card to personalise -

What better way to make sure your friends and family feel loved than by adding a 'Dreaming Spires' sticker to your correspondence!

'Dreaming Spires' Rose Stickers
'Dreaming Spires' Rose Stickers by helikettle

The 'Dreaming Spires' Greeting Cards and Gifts that you see here are just a sample! 

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'Dreaming Spires' Greeting Cards, Stationery and  Gifts


Boriana Giormova said...

Very beautiful illustration and designs, Judy!

Judy Adamson said...

Thank you so much, Boriana - glad you like them :)

Janet Palaggi said...

Very lovely line Judy!

Judy Adamson said...

Thank you, Janet!