Saturday, 4 December 2010

Christmas Traditions!

A lighthearted look at some of  the Christmas traditions that don't usually get the recognition they deserve and yet without them, Christmas just wouldn't be Christmas!

Click on the images to read the captions on the enlarged versions.

(I'm sorry if the humour of a few of these traditions - like the Queen's Speech - is lost on those who don't live in the UK.)

The Office Party
'Hope springs eternal....'

 Preparing for Christmas
Writing Christmas Cards - those elusive addresses!


The Christmas post arrives!

Do we really need all this stuff?

The Arrival of the Christmas Tree

The inevitable tangle with the Christmas Tree Lights!

It's Gift-wrapping Time!

Decorating the house can be perilous!

Who's kidding who?

The Big Day finally arrives - at 5 am!

Some manage to avoid the Christmas chores!

Some have no idea how much work falls to the woman of the house, especially through a haze of good claret!

For some, the whole business of Christmas gifts leaves something to be desired.

 The Aftermath...

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