Monday, 15 December 2014

Penguins Everywhere!

Who can resist a cute penguin, skating and sliding its way down a snowy hillside? 

I can't! So I made a hand-painted paper collage penguin and then I gave him a companion for a double dose of cuteness! 

At first they just appeared on Christmas cards -



 . . . and postage stamps

- but then I added them to a range of gifts that will delight anyone with a liking for these endearing creatures:

Just a few of the Skating Penguin t-shirt and hoodie options available

You can change the text on this Penguin Notebook
 to whatever you wish!

A chic Navy Blue Penguin Tote Bag

Cute Skating Penguins Snow-scene Tote Bag
Cute Skating Penguins Snow-scene Tote Bag by helikettle

A Skating Penguins Keychain - excellent stocking-filler!

There's even a pair of Skating Penguins Leggings 
(choose your own colour!)

A fun Skating Penguins Coffee Mug -
many other coffee mug options available 

These Skating Penguins look really at home on a 
Ceramic Ornament!

Skating Penguins are the perfect choice for
Igloo Coolers!

Trendy Purple Pillows or Cushions with
Skating Penguins

Paper plates adorned with a 
Skating Penguins snow-scene -
perfect for parties!

 Shown here are the Skating Penguins on a White Kids Apron
but there are other white apron options to choose from.
Cute Skating Penguins Snowscene Fun Kids' Apron
Cute Skating Penguins Snowscene Fun Kids' Apron by helikettle

The perfect scarf for a Winter Vacation
or to brighten any winter's day!

Here's just one of many Skating Penguins
smartphone cases that you can personalize
with your initials or monogram!
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 to browse all of the
Skating Penguins
Greeting Cards
and Gifts



Boriana Giormova said...

Wonderful penguins Judy!

Judy Adamson said...

Thank you so much, Boriana :)