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March Birthday and St Patrick's Day Greeting Cards and Gifts

The month of March comes right in the thick of what's known in the Greeting Card trade as the 'Spring Seasons'. There's St David's Day (March 1st), Mother's Day (UK - March 6th), St Patrick's Day (March 17th) Persian New Year (March 20th) and this year, Easter (March 27th) as well!

So this month, I'll be showcasing some of my Gifts and Greeting Cards for the Birth Month Flower for March, the Daffodil, as well as my St Patrick's Day Collection, in good time for March 17th.

First of all, 'Daffodil' gifts and greeting cards for someone whose birthday falls in March.

Daffodils come in all sorts of varieties - there are some very interesting facts about daffodils in this Country Living blog, as well as some wonderful photos of all the different colours and types. We often assume that when the daffodils appear, winter is a thing of the past and spring is getting underway. But just like in the photo on the Country Living site, I've seen daffodils covered in snow - several times!

You can read about how I painted some daffodils from a little pot of growing daffodils that I bought for the purpose, in this earlier blog post.  What I didn't mention, though, was that I hadn't realised that I was sensitive to the scent of daffodils and of course, in the warmth of my house, a pot of growing flowers gave off plenty of scent, and I ended up temporarily losing my voice!

As the Birth Month Flower for March is the Daffodil 
If you're looking for something different, something a little bit special, for someone with a March Birthday, you can't go wrong with a 'Daffy-down-Dillies' Birthday Card. 

My March Birthday Collection also offers you gifts with a the Daffy-down-Dillies pattern, originally painted by hand in watercolors. There are also Daffodils combined with White on Blue Polka Dots, Green Check Gingham, Orange and Yellow Polka Dots and even a trendy Faux Patchwork pattern combining all these coordinating patterns.

Many of these March Birthday Cards and Gifts are ready for you to personalize and matching Wrapping Paper and Gift Bags are also available. With so many choices, your only problem will be which to choose! 

Obviously, I can't show all the Daffy-Down-Dillies Collection here so if nothing here fits the bill, take a look in my Posh & Painterly store or contact me through my store and I will create it for you at no extra charge.

Just click on the image below to see the full 'Daffy-down-Dillies' Collection.

My 'Spring Sunshine' collection features, as you might imagine, a pattern of Daffodils, mostly on a Sky Blue background, together with coordinating patterns such as polka dots and check ginghams in matching colours.

These 'Spring Sunshine' Birthday Cards and Gifts are perfect for anyone with a March birthday - and there are plenty to choose from! If you don't see what you want here, take a look at the rest of the 'Spring Sunshine' collection in my Posh & Painterly store.

Just click on the image below to see the full Spring Sunshine March Birthday Collection.

And now to St Patrick's Day - March 17th

Most of us are familiar with the celebration of St Patrick's Day. Celebrated all around the world, it seems that it's particularly important to those in the US of Irish/American descent. 

Here you can read about St Patrick and about the various ways his saint's day is marked in different countries. 

There are many Irish blessings that adorn greeting cards and gifts and it's hard to miss the fact that the colour green, the Shamrock, Leprechauns and the Drinking of 'the Black Stuff'.  And although my family has no Irish connections that I know of, the dog that I grew up with was named 'Paddy' and he always wore a bunch of shamrocks tied to his collar on St Patrick's Day!

So here is a huge selection of greeting cards, invitations and gifts for St Patrick's Day, with leprechauns, pots of gold and shamrocks! 

(Lots more gifts with shamrock patterns in my Posh and Painterly store!) 

Just click on the image below to see the full St Patrick's Day Collection.

And just in case you missed them, here are the links to some more of my March 'holiday' blog posts -

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