Monday, 27 October 2014

A Dozen Hand-painted Paper Collage Christmas Cards

The very first greeting card I ever sold also happened to be my very first attempt at making a hand-painted paper collage! 

It had taken me a long time and I had ended up with painted paper all over my kitchen, sticky hands and a very sore back from sitting too long, making sure I cut the shapes accurately! So I was all the more thrilled when sale notification emails just kept rolling into my inbox!

That was five years ago and as I have gradually improved and speeded up what was originally a very tricky and time-consuming process, collage has become possibly my favourite medium for making greeting cards. And each year, I have produced at least one new design.

Here are just a few - beginning with my very first one, maybe a bit ambitious for a beginner but it's very popular!

These are just a few examples of each design but there are lots more in my store, some with non-English greetings or alternative messages, many of them ready for you to personalize.

You can find them all


Victoria Lynn Hall said...

I love your collage art, Judy. These cards are wonderful.

Judy Adamson said...

Thank you very much, Victoria, glad you like them! :)