Monday, 26 July 2010

Invitations and Stickers

I thought it would be a good thing if some stickers were available to match the invitation cards I've made. So that's what I've been working on - sealing the envelope with one of these stickers is the perfect finishing touch!



I'm afraid the only way to see the front of the baby shower invitation below is to click on the image but the sticker is a clue!

Primroses Stickers sticker
Primroses Stickers by helikettle
Get some stickers from Zazzle

Iceland Poppies Stickers sticker
Iceland Poppies Stickers by helikettle
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Cupcake Stickers sticker
Cupcake Stickers by helikettle
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Clown Stickers sticker
Clown Stickers by helikettle
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Of course, any image that fits on a sticker will also fit on a button or round magnet, so please feel free to use the images to create your own product. 

More stickers, buttons and magnets here!

More wedding invitations are available in my Zazzle Store!

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