Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Ten pretty iPhone and iPad cases

There are plenty of  iPhone and iPad cases in my Zazzle Store but here I've picked out some particularly feminine ones that would make a wonderful gift for any ladies in your life!

Soft, romantic colours - pinks, purples and blues...

An exquisite 'Dreaming Spires' rose

Bright and Bold - reds, oranges, yellows!

And finally, a cheeky one that is sure to be much appreciated!

Don't forget, the designs on these iPad cases can also be used for the iPhone cases. And all of these designs can be found on greeting cards and other gifts and apparel in my Zazzle Store.


missprinteditions said...

Gorgeous, Judy! I 've been trying to figure out why paintings, drawings, and other sorts of designs look so inviting on these cases - something to do with an extra dimension, I believe, but I can't quite fathom it nor force my eye to ignore it. In any case (ha, ha!), your work is wonderful. Kind regards.

Judy Adamson said...

Many thanks! I noticed it too - that's why I keep making them! I wonder whether it's something to do with the black 'frame'?