Monday, 25 April 2011

The Trouble with Boys...

... is that it can be extremely difficult to find suitable greeting cards for them!

Give the average girl a card with a pretty – preferably pink! –design and she will drool over it. But not so boys!

It’s easier to find cards for boys when they’re little, of course. A blue version of a pink, girl’s design will usually be simply fine. And for a while, say up to about 8 or 9, anything with monsters, pirates, dragons or dinosaurs will likely be acceptable.




(This is just a small selection. Many more similar cards - with different ages and different greetings - are available in my Greeting Card Universe store. )

But even with this younger age group, the birthday gift will probably be of far greater interest than the card – I know, I’ve seen it in my grandsons and in the boys I used to tutor in literacy. Unless the card has some particular attraction, such as a sport the boy is enthusiastic about, the card gets brushed aside quickly and sometimes even left behind, barely glanced at!

Here are a few sports I've made designs for so far, but new ideas for sports and activities are always welcome in the comments box:

My eldest grandson is now a teenager and designing birthday cards for him and his slightly younger brother has been quite a challenge in recent years. One year I got away with name cards, made from handpainted paper collage.


(I have made other names and you can find them in my Greeting Card Universe store)

This year I asked my daughter, their mother, what they were interested in. ‘X-box’ was the reply! So, as I live some distance away and am not familiar with X-box, I had to do some research and this is what I came up with.

It was well received so I based his brother’s birthday card on the comical cats too –


What teenage boys seem to really, really hate is anything that smacks of sentimentality! It doesn’t go with their attempts to give off a ‘cool’ image. They like to be seen as laid back – sometimes, in the extreme! So that, together with a lad I spotted on the opposite side of the road while waiting to cross, was the inspiration for these –



I already concentrate on greeting cards for men – these are some of my bestsellers –



And, much as I enjoy designing pretty cards for girls, I shall be adding to my collection of cards for boys whenever I can!


Corrie said...

Great post! Love the suggestions for cards with boy friendly themes. I thought the pirate-themed age specific birthday cards and the dragons were especially cute. Thanks!


Judy Adamson said...

Hi Corrie - thank you for visiting and leaving your encouraging comments!

I think teenage boys are probably the most difficult group to design for so I was really pleased that a customer in California bought one of my 'laid back lads' a couple of days ago!

art2cee2 said...

Very true Judy! Boys are the hardest to buy cards for, even men sometimes. I always have difficulty when buying cards for my brothers. Love you cards! :-)

Judy Adamson said...

Hi Crystal - thank you for stopping by and I'm glad you like my cards!

I've really noticed it since I've had six grandsons but it was already quite difficult when I was teaching one-to-one, privately, as most of my pupils were boys.