Monday, 3 December 2012

Poinsettias for Christmas . . .

. . . and December Birthdays!

Poinsettia plants have already been in the shops for several weeks but I hesitate to buy one yet because I don't seem to be very good at looking after them and I'm afraid that if I bought one now, it would most likely be dead by Christmas-time!

This article gives plenty of advice about caring for your poinsettia and even keeping it alive and flowering from one Christmas to the next! I think my problem is that my Edwardian house isn't light enough or warm enough for this tropical plant. So, if you are like me, loving the way the bright red, contrasts with the dark green, but reluctant to take on the care of this rather fussy plant, here are some poinsettias that will keep indefinitely!

Just two of the many Poinsettia Photo Cards for Christmas in my Zazzle store!


A long-lasting Poinsettia Christmas Ornament!

One of many Poinsettia Christmas Cards with the greeting in a Non-English Language!

Poinsettia Christmas Postage Stamps

Season's Greetings Poinsettia Holiday Cards

A Poinsettia Christmas Coffee Mug to Personalise (optional)

A Custom Front Poinsettia Holiday Card

A Festive Poinsettia Return Address Label

Carry your Poinsettia with you throughout the year with this Festive Tote Bag!

Or wear your Poinsettia on a hoodie or t-shirt!

If you or your Nearest and Dearest do a lot of 'slaving over the hot stove' at Christmas-time, what better way to feel in a festive mood than with this Poinsettia Apron?

And not forgetting that the Poinsettia is the December Birth Month flowers,  here's a Custom-front December Birthday card. (Or choose one from one of these Poinsettia December Birthday Cards.)

Wishing everyone a very Merry (and stress-free) Christmas!


Fliss said...

I am hopeless at keeping plants alive in the house, i always think they are protesting because they want to be out doors. Love you Poinsettia designs.

Judy Adamson said...

I'm OK with most houseplants, Fliss, but I've never succeeded with Poinsettias. And thank you for your comments - glad you like my Poinsettia designs. At least they won't die on me! :)