Thursday, 12 August 2010

A Bunch of Roses!

Most of the climbing roses in my garden are well and truly over now - just waiting for the Dreaming Spires rose to start its second round of blooming. So, as a reminder of the height of summer, when they were all in full bloom, here are some of my cards and gifts that feature photos and paintings of my roses - mostly 'Alchemist', 'Dreaming Spires' and Climbing 'Queen Elizabeth', but also a pretty little Dog Rose and a few that I don't know the name of.

Here are four pretty rose mugs from my Zazzle store to remind you of summer all the year round -


And some rose stickers you can use as bookplates or to seal an envelope -

Dog Rose Bookplate sticker
Dog Rose Bookplate by helikettle
Create customized stickers at zazzle

You can find plenty of 'Rose' greeting cards in my Greeting Card Universe Store -

A handpainted Dog Rose



You can see all of the cards above in more detail and with different messages by going to my Greeting Card Universe store and searching for 'roses'. I can change the greetings on the fronts of these cards on request.

A couple of 'rose' buttons or badges -

This Alchemist Rose design is also available on a mousepad -

 Click on the image to see these Keds shoes from all sides -

And here are some 'rose' greeting cards for Grandparents Day -

A soft focus rose makes this a lovely Eid Card -

Hopefully there's still enough of summer left to wear this pretty 'rose' T-shirt -

'Everything's coming up roses!'

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Ulla Hennig said...

Beautiful roses and beautiful products! I especially love those Grandparents Greeting Cards.