Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Six Motivational Mugs

A mug often makes a perfect gift - you can never have too many mugs and a special one will remind the recipient of the person who gave it to them each time they use it. There are a great many pretty floral mugs available but this half dozen is different. Each one has a special message to uplift, comfort or motivate.

Our old friends, Brodrick -

Hilda -

and Archie -

This one speaks for itself!

And I would call these two 'Tea and Sympathy' mugs -

(Also available as a Stein)

So if you are stuck for a small gift  for a friend or relative that they will use often and always treasure, a mug could be the perfect solution. There are more than 100 designs to choose from, both floral and otherwise, on the mug pages of my Zazzle store.

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