Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Gifts for men - Twelve Ties

Fabric design is an interest of mine so I enjoy creating ties for my Zazzle store. And for many men they are the one item of clothing that allows a little flamboyance!

Here is a selection of the ties I have created from my handpainted  or screeenprinted designs - 

Six Ethnic Designs


Geometric Design Tie tie
Geometric Design Tie by helikettle
Design a necktie with Zazzle

Four Designs with a 'coastal' theme

Seaweed Tie tie
Seaweed Tie by helikettle
Create your own custom neckties with Zazzle

Two Floral Designs
Red Wallflower Tie tie
Red Wallflower Tie by helikettle
Create your own neck ties with zazzle.co.uk

Nothing here that quite fits the bill? There are more to choose from in my Zazzle Store!

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