Monday, 18 July 2011

A Passion for Quilts!

Why are patchwork quilts so very popular? A patchwork quilt can bring warmth, comfort and cosiness and they come in such a variety of colours and styles that there is bound to be one to suit everybody!

Here are some 'products' that I've created, for sale through my Zazzle store, from photographs of quilts I've sewn by hand as well as paintings and paper collages that have a quilt-like design. Any of these would make a perfect gift for someone who loves quilting and quilts!

First - a bag
Don't forget - you can change the style and colour of the bag if you wish! 


A pretty ladies' spaghetti-strap summer top!

Four Patchwork Necklaces!

Two Patchwork-design Neckties

Stylish Men's Necktie tie
Stylish Men's Necktie by helikettle

Four 'Quilt' iPhone Cases

And even a 'Quilt-look'  iPad Case

Finally, Four Pairs of Keds Shoes - two for kids and two for ladies

If you thought that quilts were just for bedding, you'll have had a bit of a surprise to find such things as shoes, mugs and iPad cases with 'patchwork' designs! 

If there's a product that you'd like me to make with one of my 'quilt' designs, just contact me through my Zazzle store and I'll do my best to create it for you!

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